From spending the morning whale watching to going for a swim at Lover’s Beach, don’t miss these top attractions in Cabo San Lucas. Whether you’re traveling solo or bringing along the family, here are some of our favorite activities.3


Sirena Del Mar Attractions


Whale Watch Cabo

Distance: 4 Miles
Experience the wonders of whales with a knowledgeable marine biologist guide.

Cabo Adventures®

Distance: 5 Miles
Create lifelong memories while you swim with the dolphins at Cabo Adventures®.

El Arco

Distance: 5 Miles
Visit the natural rock formation where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean.

Natural History Museum Cabo

Distance: 5 Miles
Spend a science-filled afternoon learning about marine mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Playa del Amore

Distance: 5 Miles
For a romantic attraction in Cabo San Lucas, take a trip to this tranquil hidden cove.

Iglesia de San Lucas and Town Square

Distance: 5 Miles
Marvel at the beautiful architecture of Town Square and Cabo San Lucas Catholic Church.
Cabo San Lucas Explore the Area Between the beaches, the culture, and the natural wonders—there’s a bounty of things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Resort Map Explore the Area
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Insider Tips Cabo San Lucas Traveler Tips From sunscreen to endless adventures, get ready for Cabo San Lucas with our insider vacation tips.
Prepare for Beach Days

Cabo San Lucas is filled with plenty of beaches to explore. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, an extra swimsuit, and a good book.

Plan for Adventure

If you’re searching for thrilling moments and lasting memories, make sure to plan some fun adventures in the local area.

Don’t Forget to Sightsee

In addition to pristine beaches and warm water, Cabo San Lucas is home to stunning architecture and natural beauty.

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